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Wisconsin Lake Country provides some of the most beautiful lakes in Southeastern Wisconsin. What lake has the best personality for you?

Lake Acres Clarity Personality

94 Moderately Clear Scenic, natural shoreline. Neighborhood feel; Mix of larger homes and cottages. Public boat ramp.

316 Excellent Upscale; quiet. Know for its turquoise color water and pristine shoreline. Magnificent estates. Carry-in boat access only.

Blue Spring
136 Moderately Clear Blue Spring Lake is a 136 acre lake located in Jefferson County.

Eagle Spring
310 Moderately Clear Quiet and scenic. Notable fishing near the island. Public boat ramp & parking.

80 Moderately Clear This private lake is a hidden treasure located in Fond Du Lac county.

78 Good City lake, yet quiet and scenic. Two-mile walking/biking bath around the lake. Public boat ramp and city park.

5401 Very Clear Geneva Lake is a 5401 acre lake located in Walworth County.

258 Good A hidden treasure located just on the Waukesha /Jefferson county line. Public boat ramp.

65 Good Perfect private lake for a quiet getaway from one of the areas finest subdivisions- The Preserve at Hunters Lake.

227 Good Private up north feel. Strong lake community. Cottages, updated homes and new construction dot the shoreline. Public ramp.

Lac La Belle
1,117 Very clear Strong sense of community.Becoming premier area. Public boat ramps; city beach.

Lauderdale Lakes
730+ Clear Walworth County – Chain of Lakes; these 3 lakes bring variety to lake living. Public boat ramps. 2 large channels.

Lower Genesee
62 Excellent Private Feel. Just south of Middle Genesee it offers
the same "up north" feel with is quaint cottages and larger east shore lots.

Lower Nashotah
90 Excellent Private. Carry-in boat access only. One of few supporting trout. Exclusive lake with up north feel.

Lower Nemahbin
271 Very good Tranquil fisherman's spot. Access same as Upper with an additional carry-in access. Sandy shorelines.

Lower Phantom
433 Clear Mostly shallow waters with large marsh area. Access to Upper Phantom. Public boat ramp & parking

Middle Genesee
93 Excellent Largest of the Genesee Lakes this lake offers peaceful serenity and a "Up North" feel with large lake parcels.

81 Excellent Neighborhood feel; mix of larger new homes and quaint summer cottages. No public boat access.

957 Good Active with state park on its eastern shore creating picturesque border. Heavily used. 2 public boat ramps.

437 Very good clarity Quiet; "up north" ambiance; exclusive. Larger parcels and great sense of community. No public boat access.

767 Very clear Exclusive; upper-income residences dominant; social activities through the Oconomowoc Club. No public boat access, but boaters can gain access via a ramp on the Oconomowoc River.

1,187 Good Active, social environment. Offering restaurants and social events. Public boat ramps.

2,493 Good Active; social; heavy public use. Lake Country's largest and most popular lake. 2 public boat ramps and carry-in access.

110 Moderately Clear Channel access to Lower Phantom. Public boat ramp & parking on Lower Phantom.

703 Very clear Private feel; large, gracious estates; elegant. Newly acquired public boat launch. Surrounded by mature tree shoreline.

155 Low Great sense of community; social. Public boat launch.

Pretty Lake
54 Excellent A great feel of small town community and year round lake homes. Good fishing and public boat ramp.

Rock Lake
1365 Moderately clear
Neighborhood feel; Mix of larger homes and summer cottages. Public boat ramps, parks, and beaches.

222 Excellent Waukesha County – Undisturbed feel; unbuildable southwest quarter sustains sense of privacy; weekend restrictions. One public boat ramp.

Upper Genesee
37 Excellent Private feel. Non-motorized and quiet. Great for your canoe and has terrific fishing. Carry on access only.

Upper Nashotah
133 Excellent Very exclusive; majority ownership held by Nashotah House; few homes; Larger wooded parcels. Carry-in boat access only.

Upper Nemahbin
283 Very good Scenic; natural shoreline gives "north woods" feel. Boat ramp on channel between Upper & Lower Nemahbin.

68 Average Private offering "Subdivision" type lake living with larger homes and well manicured mature lots. Good swimming & boating.

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The lake information contained above is for informational purposes only. Any information being used should personally verify same. Information that should be independently verified and confirmed includes but is not limited to total acreage figures, surface area, depths, clarity, boat launches, permissible activities, restrictions, and all other relevant information to make an informed decision.


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